Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Photography time

This few days go out with my "Gang" , 1st time go out take photo with them and Nikon. Because Three of us are using the same brand. Yesterday we go to a Monorail near "kun chen girl high school" actually we try to take photo in a empty building beside the monorail. But got few Police men "curi tulang " at there, so we cannot go in. so we just take photo at the flyover there. It fun too. i learn a lot from them.
here have 2 photo that taken by myself

This picture i use cloud mode so it look brown color
tat is Qiao's hand . This images no meaning 1 , just like it.

Qiao teach me use the difference mode to play with it. 1st try~

here is the place that got
something something 1

Today WaiLoon back sunway, but don have activities, but hv good news from him . He will back to sch next term, so can see him already. haha!

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