Friday, June 6, 2008

what a relaxing day

today sleep 14 hours...
wow... so damn geng~~
today do wat at home??
clean my messy room, do flash , watch XG.....
i hope go shopping , i wan go sg wang, but i cant~~~
typo project - left 2 weeks time
webdesign - left 2 weeks time
2 project date line in same week same time, o no~~~~

yesterday typo critic season, when my turn, TK gone ad, oNO, i wan his comment too, but i very happy after that he come and c my work, and he gv a good idea .... !!!
My progress ad slow than others classmate, because my art direction is difference with others class mate, i hope i can do better....gambateh~~

this is the early work, the mask damn hard, because the
masking cannot become blur it, it look not so nice.

after Tuck Loong 's idea, he ask me try other b
lur object to tween with the mask it look nice..
it is true, thank you TK

talk about the web design,
yesterday we hv a short sharing about our artwork.
the lecturer really gv a lot of idea and tell us about they feeling about our work.
it is good. i like it!!

continue do work.......

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