Sunday, September 21, 2008

Webdesign 2 - Project


Refine your execution summary
Pallas is a Local shoes brand, it 5 type of production. the target audience for this brand is young adult and below. This is the young category brand , so i try to make it clean and colorful. "Clean" is because the main color is white color and the other colorful color that pick from the real product to develop and add into the website. Besides that, the important part for this web design is the product, we are try sell product , so information of the product must be clear and arrange it nice. easy for the audience to search it.
  1. To collect the audience info, i try to add a mailing list in the website.
  2. Add site map to people who no idea to click the site/ fast find the needs.
  3. Season Event/ shoes Design(customize)
  4. Table Consistency
  5. Bookmark the product that audience interested.

Current client's website analysis
  1. Color very weird.
  2. The size of the website is very small. ( 550x400 )
  3. BIG - logo big , slogan big. BUT...
  4. product very small and don have much information to support the product.
  5. Add the competitor link. ( funny )
  6. A lot of Bling Bling design.
  7. Whole website not consistent.
  8. Jpeg graphic lot pixel.
  9. They introduce Tasik Kenyir in the website. Any related with Pallas brand?

Website objective
1. Functional and also user friendly.
2. Mailing list - to collect the interest contact.
3. Product more customize to suit customers.

Target audience analysis
Collage students - customize everyday, affordable to them.
Young professional - affordable to them.

Competitive analysis


  1. Good website management .
  2. Have mailing list.
  3. Having season promotion
  4. General FAQ
  5. Search engine
  6. Bookmark
  7. Arrange the category: Men,Women,Kids and Sports .
  8. got site map.

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1 comment:

Izen New said...

Playing with "Colour" looks ok to me. Can a fun idea. Looking forward to it.

For the objective of website, I suggest you to set a "big goal" and other "objectives" to support it. For example, a website to help client to expand business to e-business. Then your objective will be having simple and easy way to purchase product. Mailing list to get more new visitors and return visitors, online feedback form to understand more about the product that suit Pallas target customer.

And for target audience analysis. Try to think of their preferences. What they like, what they need, what are the objective they visit this website, how abt their financial status?

Looking forward to know more from you.


Yik Jian