Thursday, July 17, 2008

I hope so

What i wan to say is. actually i just want to ask where are you going for last night, all people group the images together for ready to send the file to lecturer, but only you 1 was missing. totally cannot contact you. u ar not understand the people that waiting the images whole nite, cannot sleep cannot go rest, we ar blur n thinking where ar you. I am not angry with you, i just wan to know where ar u going, u must gv me a answer why we few people waiting for u .if u cannot send us early, u can try tell us 1st. but u ar missing. This is the 2nd time ad. can u be more responsible in your group work. I also hope to be relax, but this is a group work, all must do together, n send in time, tis is principle that we need to do it.

If u think u ar totally not wrong, OK~it fine
I tell you, I do not like your attitude that always make me feel crazy in last minute !
Yes, u ar feel nth, but can you Envisaged for other people?

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